arrow bulletAce 7030 Anaesthesia Machine
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  1. The ACE Series Anaesthesia Machine is a continuous flow system capable of delivering multiple gases and anaesthetic agents.
  2. The flowmeter on/off switch is conveniently mounted below the flowmeter bank and includes a shroud to prevent inadvertent turning off.
  3. The oxygen flush is mounted above the common gas outlet on the left hand side of the machine and is recessed for safety.
  4. Integrated Anti Hypoxic Device with basal oxygen flow at 100-150ml/Min.
  5. Auxiliary High pressure Oxygen Outlet for Ventilator.
  6. The flowmeter bank incorporates a mechanical anti-hypoxic device and dual flow tubes are used on the oxygen and nitrous oxide.
  7. The flowmeter tubes are mounted close to the front of the flowmeter bank for a greater viewing angle and a bright back ground provides improved vision of the flow tubes in low light conditions.
  8. Both sides of the machine incorporate 3 dovetail grooves for mounting ventilators, monitors and other ancillary equipment. T
  9. Two/Three Selectatec Mounting Bracket for Vaporizer Fixing. Patient Safety .
  10. A Mechanical Anti Hypoxic Device allows a minimum of 25% Oxygen at all times and it cutoff the Nitrous oxide Supply if Oxygen Fails.
  11. Audio and Visual Alarm for Oxygen Failure. Oxygen Flush 35 to 70 LPM of Oxygen. Safety relief pressure at 200 cmH2O.
  12. Two Flow Tubes : 0.1-10 LPM for O2 & 0.2 - 12 LPM for N2O available in ACE 7000.
    Three Flow Tubes: 0.1- 10 LPM for O2, 0.2 -12 LPM for N2O & 0.2 – 15 LPM for Air available in ACE 7020.
    Five Flow Tubes: 0.1 - 1 LPM & 1 - 10 LPM for O2, 0.1 - 1 LPM & 1- 10 LPM for N2O (Low flow & HighFlow), 0.2-15 LPM for Air available in ACE 7030.